What's a Tottenham Ploughman?

It all began in September 2013 when Cheryl Cohen brought together Wildes Cheese, Redemption Brewery and Flourish Bakery. Three small companies who made wonderful products in Tottenham, but didn't sell there.

The first Tottenham Ploughman event in Downhill's Park with Downhill's Park Cafe team brought these fabulous producers together with live music from the Tottenham Community Choir and other local musicians, Living Under One Sun, and Tottenham WI The Hatters.

The ploughman's platters sold out in record time, there were queues for bread, cheese and beer and Redemption had to return to the brewery twice for supplies. 

This modest festival was a way of saying we have an amazing community, and something worth celebrating. 


We went to Bruce Castle Museum every December for the WinterFest, helped to raise attention on Luke Howards crumbling blue plaque house (The CloudFest), celebrated Day of the Dead and May Day and focused on the state of our rivers with the RiverFest at Lordship Rec. 


All events are organised by volunteers with the focus on making Tottenham a better place.

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