ThE Tottenham Taster

We went back to how we started in 2013, with a celebration of local cheese, beer & bread, with a few extras!

Sunday 29th September

11am-6pm at Lordship Rec

Wildes Cheese. Redemption Brewery, Celtic Bakery,

Living Under One Sun

& more.

From 7pm 70 people sat down for Crayfish Bob's all you can eat Crayfish Boil.



Living Under One Sun

Leyla and her team brought September bounty all grown in Tottenham. Apples, grapes from their greenhouse, tomatoes, squash, flowers, herbs, and so much more.

Wildes Cheese

This was the first time that Wildes had sold their cheese in Tottenham. The queue stretched into the trees and the boys sold out. Keith and Philip have been wonderful & we love their being at the heart of what we do.

Redemption Brewery

Andy and Sam have been supportive of our aims from the start. They came along with casks of their beer and sold out very quickly. They had to return to their brewery twice for supplies. 

The  very first Tottenham Ploughman!

Bread,cheese, pickles & apples from Tottenham. We worked with the wonderful cafe staff at Downhills Park to create Ploughmans plates. We made pickles at home to serve alongside.

Needless to say they all sold out.

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